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Painting Autumn Leaf in Watercolour

Autumn has always been my favourite season while many favourites the Spring or the Summer. It is speacial for me as I am just in love with the mellow beauty of Autumn. I am blown away with the variety of the colours in this beautiful time of the year. As a watercolour artist the vibrant orange colours appeal to my constant desire for change.

I painted few Autumn paintings previously. I studied two of them from a reference photo I took myself. One of them was awarded in an online exhibition in Niigata, Japan which you can find below.

Autumn Leaves in Watercolour
Droplets on the leaves. Watercolour by Tevfik Özan

I also enjoy taking photos and painting them. Here is another Autumn painting in watercolour. which I studied from my own photos.

Autumn Leaves on the Grass. Watercolour by Tevfk Özan
Autumn Leaves on the Grass. Watercolour by Tevfk Özan

I wanted to paint another Autumn Leaf for my students on Patreon. In this painting I used a limited palette. I believe mixing colours always makes you achieve more colour consistency in your paintings if you are using a limited palette. (limited palette - painting with few colours).

Here is a mini video on how to paint Autumn leaf in Watercolour. You will learn how to use a limited palette, working with layers, wet on wet technique and many more.

There is a full lenght voice over tutorial on Patreon.

The video has many language options, please check if you can see the subtitles in your language.

Please do not forget to give a like to this video and subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I hope to see you there.

I hope you enjoy it. Happy Painting!

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