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How to Paint Fuchsia Flower in Watercolour

Hello Everyone, here is a mini tutorial about how to paint a fuchsia flower in Watercolour. I used a reference photo taken by Chris Martin. He was very kind to allow me to study his fuchsia photograph in watercolour. In this video you will see a demonstration about how-to, the colours that I used, wet on wet techniques, how to build up layers in watercolour and many more.

There is a full lenght voice over tutorial on Patreon. This is my first tutorial ever so just give me some time and be patient. I am also very excited to see how the tutorials will will evolve in time. I hope you enjoy it.

The video has many language options, please check if you can see the subtitles in your language.

Please do not forget to give a like to this video and subscribe to my channel on YouTube. I hope to see you there.

Happy painting !


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